Welcome to Piano Art Studio!


It is our pleasure to have you as a guest to the studio. Piano Art Studio is a small center that offers individually tailored piano lessons to all ages and skill levels. Each student is trained in a professional and creative way to accomplish the full artistic potential and to became successful musicians with a strong ability to read music and have a thorough understanding of technique and theory. We use the most effective and fun piano lessons to stimulate learning. In addition to private piano lessons, we offer many piano performance opportunities all year around. The students that graduated from Dr. Adriana Bocaneanu's class performed in prestigious piano festivals winning many international awards. Comprehensive studies show that music enhances your child's brain functions. So give your child a BRAIN BOOST with fun piano classes!

Playing to learn and learning to play


Teaching music is energizing. Each step of the process is rewarding: designing and preparing the course, engaging students during the class and empowering them, as well as nurturing their motivation and love for music. Beyond the ordinary level of professional performance, artful teaching requires an investment in thought, energy and interaction in a unique and personal way. The specific metaphors we live by, the way we use them and the stories we create with them may inspire others and enlarge our vision of teaching. I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite metaphors: “Music is Life”. There are elements of music just in our life force, there’s music in us, and also there’s music around us and in the universe. Using my professional experience in the real world, I aim to broaden my students’ knowledge and perspective about music and its connections with life. The students will enjoy discussing high quality materials, taking initiative in projects, and experimenting kinesthetic reinforcement, meanwhile creating an active learning environment. To awaken the artistic potential in every individual, students will learn and internalize music developing musicianship skills through singing, improvising, rhythmic concepts and self-expression.